Our Values

We believe that learning, among everything else, can also be enjoyable, innovative, high quality and at the same time staying within the limits of affordability. We design our courses so that your personal experience with FES House is in compliance with all the abovementioned values.


Supreme, Uncompromised Quality

Customer satisfaction, resulting from supreme, uncompromised quality, is one of the highest priorities of FES House. Every employee, from the receptionist to the senior management, is working hard towards this end.



This doesn’t mean we abuse innovation by trying everything new. NO. This means we look for, identify, innovative approaches, test them, localise them and only then implement those already “clinically” tested, successful and effective, “reserved” innovations.


Making Learning Enjoyable

Yes, we do believe that learning should be enjoyable, and yes, why not, sometimes even fun, for only through fun, love towards what you are doing/learning it is possible to achieve long-term and solid results.

Making Learning Affordable

We believe that learning should be affordable. Neither cheap, nor excessively and unreasonably expensive. We do everything possible to keep the prices as low as possible, without compromising the quality.

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